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Crossinvest has successfully and consistently delivered a leading (and award winning) investment proposition since 2005 in Asia, and since 1985 in Switzerland. Equipped with international reach; insights across all markets; and a dedicated team of professionals, Crossinvest is uniquely positioned to provide medium to long term solutions aligned to the best interests of each client. We treasure our independence and are always mindful to remove all conflicts of interest, real or perceived.

Discretionary & Advisory Portfolio Management

At the core of our Crossinvest business are the traditional investment proposition and services. These are the foundations upon which the company has been built and known as a source of value creation.

We have successfully delivered leading discretionary and advisory services in Asia since 2005. We received industry recognition through winning the Private Banker International award, Best Discretionary and Advisory Offering 2017, having also been commended in the same category in 2016. Competition for this award included many private banks and independent asset managers.

Our investment philosophy is based on protecting and building wealth for our clients over the medium to long term.

Our investment process is unconstrained across geographies, and asset classes, and is underpinned with a combination of top-down and bottom-up understanding.

Our risk-based approach depends on developing strong conviction for assets and ensuring appropriate diversification which is not limited by old-fashioned benchmarks.

Our experienced in-house investment and research team ensures complete independence, ownership and accountability.


We create portfolios which are customized to the needs and long-term goals of our clients. Our complete alignment with our clients, and independence from any product providers, avoids any conflicts of interest and allows us to create portfolios based purely on investment merit. Optimal asset allocation is driven by understanding the top-down macro drivers of beta, and the bottom-up fundamentals, valuations and factors that drive alpha. We create and actively manage model portfolios which provide anchor points and reference for managing individual client portfolio variations.


We are deeply conscious of the importance of managing risk to protect wealth, and to deliver consistent performance. This starts with the selection process of individual holdings through rigorous analysis, vetting and approval. Once we have conviction about a holding we manage position size and appropriateness for individual portfolios. Our investment team adheres to an on-going robust risk management process which monitors exposure at both individual holding, and portfolio levels.  This disciplined process provides timely focus in addressing any changes in risk exposure.

Our Offering

Investment Wealth & Advisory

In addition to the asset management service, we provide our clients an option to be more involved in the investment process through our advisory services. This allows our client to retain control over the investment decisions

Discretionary Asset Management

At the core of our Crossinvest offering is the Asset Management proposition and service. This is the foundation upon which Crossinvest has been built and recognized as a source of investment value creation.

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