At Crossinvest, we do not follow. We lead.

Wealth & Asset management since 1985

Our value proposition and working model enables us to align with our clients to protect and grow their wealth over the medium to long term, through high quality independent investment management.

Our Heritage

tradition without Convention. innovation without Borders.

We are a multi-generational,privately-owned group that exemplifies the finest Swiss Private banking traditions. We are an independent asset management and private wealth management company offering bespoke and exclusive discretionary management, financial advisory and family office services to sophisticated individuals, entrepreneurial families, and institutions.

As an award-winning and privately-owned business, we are keenly aware of the importance of considering the generational impact of investment and wealth-management decisions.

Our team of investment professionals, led by senior executives with an average time within the financial services’ industry of over 17 years,  all possess a deep understanding of the inherent nuances of the private wealth management industry.  

We are dedicated to meeting every client’s unique needs in order to build a precious and long-lasting relationship. We aim for excellence so that all our clients are afforded the highest level of trust, service and commitment.

We are one of the founder members of the Singapore Association of Independent Asset Managers (AIAM) and have had a presence in Asia since 2005, with a heritage and pedigree that dates back to 1985 in Switzerland.

At Crossinvest, enjoy the Swiss tradition of private banking with our South East Asian hospitality.

Our vision

‘It’s just the way we have always done things,’ is not our way.

The foundation, inspiration, and principle of Crossinvest is to build a long-term partnership with our family of clients across generations.


Our vision is to be one of the leading independent asset managers in Asia Pacific, and to establish a benchmark of excellence in the private wealth management industry.


We will achieve this vision through:

  • establishing long-term relationships with our family of clients across generations based on trust, knowledge and thought leadership;
  • our independence in the truest sense of the word and our ability to remove all real and perceived conflicts, and;
  • our unwavering commitment to providing our family of clients access to the best of breed investment solutions and services, at all times.

We believe in long-term value creation. We work with our client partners and their families and always look to exceed both the high standards of our company, as well as our client’s expectations.

At Crossinvest, we do not follow. We lead.

Choose Crossinvest

We understand that every client is unique, and every need, different –  we tailor every portfolio in line with our clients’ needs;

  • We build long-term client relationships across generations;
  • We have a multi-generational presence and a global reach;
  • We are fiercely independent;
  • We are uncompromisingly transparent;
  • We do not compromise on our quality nor performance
  • We are constantly on the lookout for the best people, systems, investment solutions and clients.