Private Family Office Services

Our Crossinvest Multi Family Private Office has been established with a single, uniting purpose in mind – to provide the family that we serve, a platform for all their needs: from concierge style solutions, international estate planning, investment management, lifestyle needs to offering a training and education platform for the entire family.

As families become more diverse in geography, financial interests and points of view (whilst growing in number of members), it’s typically not feasible to make decisions over a dinner table. Our overall proposition offers a   governance structure that can provide:

  •  A forum to address issues;
  • Accountability amongst family members whilst creating professionalism within the family;
  • A guide for investment strategies and mandates, and
  • A platform to review objectives and ensure adequate controls in place

Our unique proposition provides a platform for the family members, in particular the second and third generation members, for learning and understanding how intricate business decisions are made.

Each wealth family client has its own go-to Crossinvest concierge person who is responsible for addressing every need of the client family, from mundane tasks to attending to a series of comprehensive tasks.