Private Access

“A single access point for strategic investments in private unlisted assets (equity & credit) across varying growth stages, thematic sectors & global innovation centers”

Crossinvest Private Access

We aim to extend the philosophy of the timeless principles of investing – diversification, asset allocation, risk-based into private companies and assets through Crossinvest Private Access.

We bring independently sourced and selected private companies and assets that aren’t typically made available to private investors. 

We identify and select individual deals from our global partners and put each deal through our rigorous review and selection process

We invest in private companies directly and do not invest through investment banks or private equity fund platforms.

Our ultimate aim is to have a portfolio of 20 – 25 private companies from Series A to Pre-IPO, from around the world, across sectors, within a 2 to 3 year period – each portfolio will vary from client to client depending on the mandate.

We aim to bring independently sourced and selected private companies and assets that aren’t typically made available to private investors.

Private Access deals are selected through a robust process to provide regular high-quality dealflow.

  • Around 40-75 deals per month

    Phase 1: Qualifying Deals

    Universe of deals on offer from our investment partners

  • Around 30-40 deals per month

    Phase 2: Filtered Deals

    Private access criteria is then applied to identify preferred deals.

  • Around 5-7 deals per month

    Phase 3: Recorded Deals

    Most suitable deals are then recommended to the investment committee.

  • Around 1-2 deals per month

    Phase 4: Approved Deals

    Crossinvest’s Investment Comittee discusses then approves.

  • Around 1-2 deals per month

    Phase 5: Presented Deals

    Crossinvest’s Client Advisors then select which deals suit their clients.

Our Offering

Early Access

Early stage (Series A) to pre-IPO private investment opportunities

Global Investments

Access through the world’s leading investment platform partners

Private Companies

Private companies and private real assets from the world’s leading innovation hubs

Portfolio Advice

Enabling clients to build a portfolio of private company investments with a focus on innovation, diversification and risk management, following the same fundamental timeless principles of investing

Individual Mandates

Individual mandates allow our clients to identify what sectors, assets, and geographies they want to invest in, and we source the deal flow accordingly

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