Every advisor is equal, but some are more equal than others.

You don’t think twice about seeking a HEALTH related second opinion, why then should your WEALTH not get the same due care?

Crossinvest presents Cross-Opinion, an opportunity to have our team of investment professionals review your investment portfolio to provide you with a second opinion, at no obligation or cost.

Allow our expert team of investment professionals to provide you with a second opinion on your financial health, at no cost and no obligation.

for accredited investors only


Once we have consolidated all investment holdings from various sources and classified them under their respective asset classes, we will review it against underlying portfolio theories to ensure that the portfolio:

  • is appropriately diversified;
  • asset allocation methodologies are appropriate and in line with expected market
  • is in line with your investment objectives and your risk appetite, and
  • management and transaction fees you are paying is reasonable.


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