Why choose Crossinvest?

  • We understand that every client is unique, and every need, different –  we tailor every portfolio in line with our clients’ needs;
  • We work for the best interest of our clients – we work with, and for, our clients;
  • We do not just stop there. We manage our client portfolios with our conviction to build long term client relationships across generations;
  • We have a multi-generational presence and a global reach;
  • We are independent – we are proud to be only motivated by our passion, never by monetary incentives linked to sales or target revenues;
  • We are transparent in what we do – from the fee our clients’ pay to the security of their portfolios, our team cherishes the trust of clients and aims to protect our clients’ interests at all times without compromise;
  • We do not compromise on our quality – performance is driven by understanding the top down macro drivers that drive beta and the bottom up fundamentals and valuations that drives alpha, and
  • We are constantly on the lookout for the best of breed – our rigorous and disciplined screening and selection process allows us to pick only the best of breed – people, systems, investment solutions and clients.

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