Asset Management

At the core of our Crossinvest offering is the Asset Management proposition and service. This is the foundation upon which Crossinvest has been built and recognised as a source of investment value creation for our family of clients based around the world. Utilising our own in-house professional team of investment and research team providing analytical capability – unique bespoked investment portfolios are created, monitored and managed in line with our client’s investment objectives and risk tolerance.

We take a medium to long-term view and work closely and in partnership with our family of clients through aligned interests and objectives. While we manage a series of model investment portfolios, each client portfolio is managed in-line with our client’s specific needs, restrictions and objectives.

For nearly thirty years, we have been empowering clients to achieve their wealth planning, investment and life-style objectives. Crossinvest is keenly aware of the magnitude and importance of the decisions that influence wealth management and the impact these decisions have across generations. It is by utilising this knowledge and experience that we can guide our clients through those choices and assist them to meet their strategic goals.

With us, our family of clients have access to their very own Crossinvest asset manager to guide them through the world of investment complexities, to simplified investment and lifestyle solutions.