The Crossinvest Model

We are an independent wealth management company offering bespoke and exclusive discretionary management, financial advisory and family office services to sophisticated individuals, entrepreneurial families and institutions. 

We have been empowering clients to achieve their wealth preservation, growth and investment and life-style objectives in Switzerland since 1985, and in Asia since 2005.

As an award winning family-owned business, we are keenly aware of the importance of considering the generational impact of investment & wealth management decisions. Our value proposition and the working model enables us to work completely independently with, and for, our family of investor clients.

The Crossinvest model protects the consistency, transparency and confidentiality of the relationship between our family of clients and Crossinvest – we have an unwavering commitment to ensure a complete alignment of all parties’ interests, at all times, without compromise.

This is achieved through our independence in the truest sense of the word and our dedication to provide a knowledge led open architecture proposition.

Our services and solutions are built around long-standing relationships guided by our values of trust and integrity that is ingrained in how we operate, and have operated, over three decades.

We are guided by what is best for our family of clients, always.



Core Access

At The core of our proposition is the provision of multi-asset and multi-jurisdictional discretionary & advisory investment solutions. These bespoke investment portfolios are based on the timeless principles of risk based dynamic & strategic asset allocation strategies.

Private Access

We have taken the philosophy of the timeless principles of investing – diversification, asset allocation, risk based – and extended these into private companies and assets through Crossinvest Private Access.

Private Family Office

Our Crossinvest Multi Family Private Office has been established with a single, uniting purpose in mind – to provide the family that we serve, a platform for all their needs.


We will protect the consistency and confidentiality of the relationship between our clients and us.

We will ensure a complete alignment of all parties interests, at all times, without compromise

We will provide our clients a knowledge-led, open architecture proposition

We will operate with zero conflicts, at all times

We will remain independent in the truest sense of the word

We will strive to offer a broad based, best of breed investment solutions.

We commit to full transparency

We are guided by what is best for our clients, always
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